Choose Connor

Choose Connor Release Date: October 10, 2008

Fifteen-year-old Owen Norris (Alex Linz) is at the top of his graduating middle-school class, and wants to know how the world works. He has no friends and spends almost all of his time studying, but his mundane suburban life is changed forever when he meets congressman Lawrence Connor (Steven Weber) and his young nephew Caleb (Escher Holloway). Connor is immediately taken with Owen’s intelligence and wit, and Caleb is immediately taken with Owen. As Caleb and Owen become close friends, Connor offers Owen a chance to learn how the world of politics really works by becoming his “youth campaign spokesman” for the upcoming senate primaries. What starts as a fun way to make some extra summer cash takes a dark turn as Owen learns the frightening truth about the deranged secret world of politics in which he has become involved. This allegorical tale explores the coming of age that occurs when one realizes how flawed and corrupt our society is and wonders what to do about it.

Genres: Drama
Directed By: Lucas Elliot Eberl
Runtime: 109 minutes
Studio: Strand
MPAA Rating Unrated