Igor Release Date: September 19, 2008

In the Kingdom of Malaria evil is good business. Each year the kingdom hosts an Evil Science Fair showcasing the diabolical Evil Inventions that Malaria’s thirteen evil scientists have spent the year creating. King Malbert, Malaria’s leader, then kindly informs the rest of the world that the winning Evil Invention will be unleashed on them unless they cough up an exorbitant amount of money. So the world pays and Malaria prospers. But it wasn’t always this way. Once a bright and happy place of fertile fields, Malaria was plunged into darkness when strange clouds moved in and never left, eventually causing the crops to die and Malaria’s citizens to lose hope. However, the business of Evil brought prosperity back to the kingdom, and the Evil Scientists who annually battle each other to produce the winning invention are Malaria’s most prominent citizens. And then there are the Evil Scientist’s trusty lab assistants; also known as Igor’s.

In Malaria if you’re born with a hump on your back you have only one choice; you are sent to Igor School to train for a Yes Masters’ Degree and a life of servitude as a lab assistant to one of Malaria’s Evil Scientists. But one Igor, dissatisfied with living as a slave to his master, Dr. Glickentstein, dares to dream of becoming an Evil Scientist himself and reaping everything that goes with it; the fame, the fortune, and of course the girl. When fate steps in, and Dr. Glickenstein accidentally gets on the wrong side of his own invention, bringing about his own end, Igor seizes his chance and sets out to make his dream come true. Concealing his master’s demise, and with the help of his own secret experimental creations; Brain, a not so bright brain-in-a-jar, and Scamper, a rabbit with a death wish, who despite his best efforts just can’t die, Igor sets out to build the most evil invention ever – a huge, ferocious Monster, designed to reign terror upon all in its path. Unfortunately, Brain’s well meaning but somewhat inept assistance causes something to go awry and Igor’s evil monster turns out to be a “she” and, unfortunately for Igor, the sweetest thing in the world.

Misunderstanding Igor as he attempts to convince her that she is evil, the Monster calls herself Eva and, to Igor’s further despair, announces that she wants nothing more than to be an actress. With only a week before the Evil Science Fair, Igor is determined to find a way to turn his Monster into the weapon of destruction he intended, and so appealing to Eva’s dreams of stardom he tells her that they must immediately begin rehearsals preparing her to audition for a role in a big musical that requires her to ‘act’ evil. Proclaiming herself up for the part, Eva throws herself into the evil “rehearsals” with her new friends. As rehearsals progress, Igor; to his horror; begins to fall in love with the big hearted monster, and comes to the realization that being an evil scientist is a whole lot tougher than he had imagined. To make matters worse, Malaria’s reigning Evil Scientist, Dr. Schadenfreude, has discovered Eva and is determined to steal her. A conniving cheater, who year after year manages to win the Science Fair by stealing ideas from other evil scientists, Schadenfreude has decided that this year in addition to claiming the winning invention he is going to take over the throne from King Malbert; and the Monster is going to help him. With the help of his ruthless girlfriend Jaclyn, Schadenfreude sends Igor down the Igor Recycling Chute and steals Eva, determined to complete her evil programming and fulfill his ruthless plan to rule over Malaria.

With his creation stolen and dream of becoming an evil scientist destroyed, Igor is resigned to his fate of the recycling chute, when, defying even their own expectations, Scamper and Brain manage to come to his rescue. Convincing Igor that he can’t give up on his dream yet, the trio set off for the Science Fair to win Eva back, but when Igor uncovers a plot that threatens to destroy their world, he has to prove that heroes come in all shapes and sizes and show Malaria; and Eva; that some dreams are worth pursuing.

Genres: AnimationComedyFamilyFantasy
Directed By: Anthony Leondis
Runtime: 87 minutes
Studio: Par.
Total Box Office: 19.5 MIL
MPAA Rating PG