The Babysitters

The Babysitters Release Date: May 9, 2008

In the tradition of “Risky Business” and “Porky’s,” comes a movie 25 years in the making. A full-fledged,tits and ass movie.

In the movie “The Babysitters,” sixteen-year-old Shirley Lyner (Katherine Waterston) is an honor student working as a babysitter and saving for college. She’s developed a crush on Michael Beltran (John Leguizamo), the father of two of her babysitting regulars. One night on the way home, Michael and Shirley kiss, and he pays her a little something extra. They continue their affair, using the nights Shirley baby-sits to cover for their time together. Soon Shirley finds herself becoming a high school Heidi Fleiss, taking a percentage every time one of her friends baby-sits for the married men. But it’s only a matter of time before Shirley starts to lose control of her operation and her tightly wound world begins to unravel.

“The Babysitters” also stars hot mess, Cynthia Nixon.

Starring: John LeguizamoDenis O'HareAnn DowdAdam LeFevreCynthia NixonLouisa KrauseSpencer Treat ClarkAlexie GilmoreKatherine WaterstonJansen PanettiereEthan PhillipsKim ShawPaul BorgheseJessica SandlerHarold FortSergio Mendoza Sr.Bridget ReganJason DubinSydney MelmanAndi PotamkinJake MelmanAndy ComeauAli PhillipsAnthony CirilloNancy St. AlbanMichael KnowlesJay PattersonChira CasselHalley Wegryn GrossLauren Birkell
Genres: Drama
Directed By: David Ross
Runtime: 88 minutes
Studio: PArch
MPAA Rating R