Passione Release Date: August 30, 2013

A look at the musical roots and traditions of Naples, Italy, as well as its influence on the rest of the world.

Little wonder that PASSIONE, John Turturro’s wild, colorful, sexy ode to the music and people of Naples, was interrupted by spontaneous outbreaks of applause”in Italy, where it played for more than four months (its soundtrack on the charts for five). A brilliant actor in film, theater, and television, John Turturro is also the director of three features (including the hilarious, irreverent ROMANCE & CIGARETTES) and a man whose talents are fueled by an unquenchable zest for life. He describes PASSIONE as “a musical adventure that comes directly out of the people and the volcanic land they inhabit. Conjuring ancient stories and myths that still live — of love, sex, jealousy, and social protest — each song is a small screenplay, an emotional postcard. I tried to see if I could understand in a small way, a little bit of the soul of the city, while at the same time killing clichés about it. There are places you go and once is enough. Then there’s Napoli.”

Genres: CrimeDramaMysteryThriller
Directed By: Brian De Palma
Runtime: 102 minutes
Studio: EOne
Total Box Office: 255.4 TH
MPAA Rating R