Falcon Song

Falcon Song Release Date: March 21, 2014

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The movie Falcon Song is a low budget western, set in the 1980s, in which a guitar-playing drifter helps a rancher’s granddaughter find her true calling.

The movie Falcon Song explores themes of land conservation and soul searching beneath a whimsical, quirky world full of colorful characters and magical realism.

Falcon Song Trailer

Starring: Martin KoveVeronica AlicinoSewell WhitneyCody MackSherri SteilenJack LynchHart TurnerMichael F. WalzRon GarritsonSkylar JessenJim StormJames TinnesSteven Brian ConardCarl L. FranksGabriel SundaySterling StaytonPeter LucasWilliam CalovisRainey QualleyJames L. RuskDavid HaywardMatt AustinAdam RoeblingJeter RhodesRon ScharaCatherine LanglasHerbert PierceMichael Yebba
Genres: FamilyFantasyWestern
Directed By: Jason Corgan Brown
Runtime: 105 minutes
MPAA Rating PG

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