Frontera Release Date: September 5, 2014

The absolutely dreadful movie Frontera is set in the tumultuous border area of Arizona and Mexico.

Frontera follows the events that take place after a former Arizona Sheriff’s wife (Amy Madigan) is killed while riding on their Ranch property.

It would appear a Mexican man (Michael Pena) crossing into the US illegally is at fault.

As former Sheriff (Ed Harris) and current Sheriff (Aden Young) search for answers, lives are changed forever and the facts as to who is really at fault in this tragedy are nearly as tenuous and complex as the issues and tensions between the people who live in this region on either side of the line.

It seems that Magnolia Pictures, the independent movie studio run by a bunch of vile publicists, especially CEO Eammon Bowles, and owned by Mark Cuban, will never realize that releasing their movies on VOD before their theatrical release is the stupidest business model in the history of movies.

Who in their right mind would pay to see a movie in theaters when they can see it in the comfort of their own home, with a bunch of friends, for the same price as one movie ticket?

Also, it used to be that actors of certain ilk, like Ed Harris, who stars in this throw-away movie, would only appear in movies that had the chance of becoming box office blockbusters. (Yes, everyone needs a paycheck, but actors in a certain class, like Ed Harris – a four time acting Oscar nominee – should have invested their money properly, so that they wouldn’t have to become an embarrassment in movies such as this, for a measly $50,000).

Frontera Trailer

Genres: Drama
Directed By: Michael Berry
Studio: Magnolia Pictures
Total Box Office: 59.3 TH
MPAA Rating PG-13