Counterpart Season 1 DVD

Counterpart Season 1 DVD Release Date: July 31, 2018

In the “Counterpart Season 1″ DVD, Howard Silk is no stranger to clandestine operations, but perhaps the reality that he’s just become privy to is the most harrowing and surreptitious one of all. When brought into the know about an alternate universe that his agency has been keeping a secret, Silk is tasked with venturing into the mystifying realm. As if his incredulity wasn’t already near palpable, Silk was even more perplexed when greeted by his counterpart. Though this presents an existential crisis of extraordinary proportions, Silk must remain steadfast to his cause – to keep the two worlds divided.



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Counterpart Season 1 DVD Trailer

Starring: J.K. SimmonsOlivia WilliamsHarry LloydUlrich ThomsenNazanin BoniadiNicholas PinnockSara Serraiocco
Runtime: 547 minutes
Studio: Starz/Anchor Bay