Who’s Harry Crumb? DVD

Who’s Harry Crumb? DVD Release Date: January 15, 2019

Nerves of Steel. Body of Iron. Brain of Stone.

“Laugh-out-loud entertainment!” – Los Angeles Times

John Candy is bigger, better and more bumbling than ever as the hilarious Harry Crumb – a big-hearted, soft-headed private eye and mixed-up master of disguise. When Harry, the last of the great sleuthing Crumbs – and the last person in the firm to ever get an assignment – finally gets a shot at a frontpage kidnapping, it’s only because his beady-eyed boss Eliot Draisen (Jeffrey Jones) doesn’t want the case solved. At stake is the gorgeous daughter of multi-millionaire P.J. Downing, a $10 million ransom, and Eliot’s hot-to-trot mistress (Annie Potts). Attired in a bizarre array of goofball disguises, from a Hungarian hairdresser to a hefty housewife – Harry is bound, gagged and determined to crack the case and prove that when it comes to crime, he’s one Crumb that won’t be swept under the carpet.


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Who's Harry Crumb? DVD

Starring: John CandyJeffrey JonesAnnie PottsTim ThomersonBarry CorbinShawnee Smith
Directed By: Paul Flaherty
Runtime: 94 minutes
Studio: Mill Creek Entertainment
MPAA Rating PG-13