In Like Flynn

In Like Flynn Release Date: January 25, 2019

In Like Flynn depicts Errol Flynn’s roust-about early life in Australia, before he became an internationally famed celebrity. In those days he was an adventurer, opium smuggler, gambler, street fighter, womanizer, and gold prospector.

The film, based on Flynn’s early autobiography “Beam Ends,” was written for the screen by Large and Luke Flynn, who found the inspiration as a result of their travels through Australia in the footsteps of Luke’s iconic grandfather.

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Starring: Nathalie KelleyWilliam MoseleyClive StandenIsabel LucasLochlyn MunroDavid WenhamDan FoglerCallan MulveyNathan JonesCostas MandylorThomas Cocquerel
Directed By: Russell Mulcahy
Runtime: 106 minutes
Studio: Blue Fox Entertainment
MPAA Rating R

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  • In Like Flynn movie poster
  • In Like Flynn movie poster