100 Blocks

100 Blocks Release Date: September 25, 2018

100 Blocks tells the story of what happens when a young man tries to escape the cycle of violence and leave the streets behind, only to find himself at a crossroads as unexpected events change his plans. In a city where dreams become nightmares, Jaleel finally has enough cash saved up to leave Oakland and avoid the violent fate of his father, along with so many of his peers.

When a lifelong friend promises to triple those savings, Jaleel goes against his better judgment and says yes. The added money will let Jaleel realize his goal of opening a gym in the new town – a dream inspired by his father. Things change when the friend gets into an unexpected altercation with the police in which he and four officers are killed – and Jaleel’s nest egg is lost.

The incident ignites chaos, as police and city officials point fingers at one another, and the crime only continues.

100 Blocks Trailer

Starring: David GreenTina GiltonRob JordanJaMaurae BirdenSara Anders
Directed By: Diaunte Thompson
Runtime: 87 minutes
Studio: Entertainment Studios/Freestyle Digital Media
MPAA Rating Unrated