A Violent Man

A Violent Man Release Date: February 8, 2019

In the movie A Violent Man, an unknown MMA fighter, Ty Matthews, beats the undefeated champion at a local gym. Overnight, Ty becomes the underdog champion of the world – with a title fight on the horizon. But when the female reporter covering the story is found dead, Ty becomes the murder suspect; as he was last seen with her leaving a bar late at night. His only alibi is his girlfriend who is aware of him arriving home late that night. A blackout, a dead body, and incriminating circumstances puts Ty in the middle of a mystery. Like Bogart in In a Lonely Place he finds himself under the microscope of a murder, which he doesn’t know if he committed.

Uniquely cast with former football star Thomas Q. Jones, UFC hall of fame legend Chuck Liddell, and legendary actors Bruce Davison and Issac DeBole A Violent Man delivers hard hitting punches.

A Violent Man movie poster

A Violent Man Trailer

Starring: Thomas Q. JonesIsaach De BankoléChuck LiddellBruce DavisonKhalilah JoiDenise RichardsFelisha Terrell
Directed By: Matthew Berkowitz
Studio: GVN Releasing
MPAA Rating Unrated