American Hasi

American Hasi Release Date: March 23, 2021

The comedy documentary feature American Hasi follows a part-time Indian-American comedian who sees an opportunity to fast track his career in India, or else accept that comedy may just be a hobby. American Hasi follows stand-up comedian Tushar Singh and his number one fan, his mother, on a comedy tour across six cities in India as he hits stages with dark, self-deprecating, often risqué stand-up material.

Born and raised as “the chubby brown kid” in Alabama with deeply traditional Hindu parents set Tushar up for a life of always feeling out of place. After losing his job, Tushar decides he’s had enough of his double life–working a mundane daytime job and doing comedy at night–and decides to embark on a comedy tour in India, where he hopes audiences will “get him” better than do Americans.

In India, Tushar interacts with foreign audiences for the first time as he gets life-changing advice from veteran comics Russell Peters, Bill Burr, and Vir Das, and attempts to reconcile his career goals and creative identity with his family’s sacrifices and conservative upbringing. American Hasi shows viewers a funny and delightfully awkward story that captures the struggles of the brave few who try to make a living out of their creative passion.

American Hasi

American Hasi Trailer

Starring: Russell PetersBill BurrVir Das
Directed By: Laura Asherman
Studio: Freestyle Digital Media
MPAA Rating Unrated