Assault to Freedom

Assault to Freedom Release Date: October 2, 2018

Assault to Freedom documents the struggle endured by a group of young Cubans who took part in a risky plan to steal and kidnap a boat full of passengers to find their freedom in 1963, five years after the beginning of the Cuban revolution.

Ramon Garcia was only fifteen years old when he first began planning this escape. He realized that in order to gain freedom from his beloved Cuba, he would need a very important instrument, a compass. While contemplating places where he could find one, he remembered that in one of the classrooms in his school, there was a very old compass that he would later steal to help him on his journey to freedom. In the midst of all the planning, he could not help but to feel great sorrow escaping from the place where he was born and raised, the land where he was once the happiest, had now become a land so hostile and unbearable to those who could not agree and were unable to accept and conform to the new strict government regime.

Four years later, Ramon, together with Otto Fresneda and their female friend Frayda Delgado, took the lead in planning the assault on the passenger boat which would then take place a year later with the help of Pepe Dans, Rafael Contador, and Maximiliano Martinez. All of this took place right in the middle of the revolution, leading them toward the freedom of which they had so greatly dreamed.

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Starring: Antonio CernicharoRafael ContadorOrlando CordobesJose DansFabiola DelgadoFrayda DelgadoEnmanuel DiazAdan FloresOtto FresnedaAna GarcíaRamon GarcíaEdgardo GuerreroIngrid JimenezGuillermo LirianoAlicia Louder
Directed By: Marcos Moreno
Runtime: 79 minutes
Studio: Entertainment Studios/Freestyle Digital Media
MPAA Rating Unrated