Pig Release Date: February 1, 2019

In the movie Pig, Hasan is full of rage. As a blacklisted director, he hasn’t been allowed to make a film in years. His favorite actress, Shiva, is impatient and wants to work with other directors. His wife Goli seems to have fallen out of love with him. His daughter Alma is all grown up and independent. His old loving mother is slowly losing her mind. A man-child, almost completely reliant on the women in his life, Hassan might consider casting his attractive stalker Annie if only he could make a film. To make matters worse, Hasan is upset that he is being inexplicably ignored by the serial killer who has been decapitating the country’s best filmmakers.

All these frustrations come to a head when, through a series of bizarre misunderstandings, Hasan becomes the prime suspect in the murder case. Social media is abuzz with false accusations, and Hasan must come up with an ingenious plan to restore his reputation.

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Starring: Hasan MajuniLeila HatamiLeili RashidiParinaz Izadyar
Directed By: Mani Haghighi
Runtime: 108 minutes
Studio: Daricheh Cinema
MPAA Rating Unrated

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