Project: Puppies for Christmas

Project: Puppies for Christmas Release Date: May 14, 2019

The movie Project: Puppies for Christmas tells the story of Peyton and Alex, two young girls who become best friends after meeting at the hospital where both of their mothers died of cancer. After visiting a pet store and realizing that their dream of owning a dog is beyond both their families’ financial reach, the girls hatch a plan to get their own puppies, thinking that if they do a good deed, Santa will bring them each one. Their grumpy neighbor, Daniel Nilwater (John Ratzenberger) becomes the target of their good deed. What they don’t realize is Nilwater is an angel; sent down to Earth to regain his faith in humanity. Over the course of a week, as Nilwater watches, the girls bake cookies, decorate Nilwater’s home for the holidays, visit a children’s hospital, and bring joy to a homeless veteran. Through all of this, Nilwater discovers what he was sent down to find.

Project Puppies poster

Project: Puppies for Christmas Trailer

Starring: John RatzenbergerDavid GorylMorgan BastinPiper SherBasil HoffmanSharon GarrisonDanni Tamburro
Directed By: Dan Hewitt Owens
Studio: Freestyle Digital Media
MPAA Rating Unrated