School Spirits

School Spirits Release Date: June 2, 2020

The movie School Spirits tells the story of a girl who relocates to a small town only to find it inhabited by ghosts as a struggle against a bad spirit ensues to keep the town’s children safe. Awkward new girl, Zoey, discovers her new small town is hiding a few big secrets when she witnesses teen duo Morgan and Tara hunting ghosts in the local high school. Resolved to put her past behind her and find real friendships, Zoey rounds out the trio as they prepare to fight a paranormal menace that’s just blown into town with a creepy carnival.

School Spirits  poster

School Spirits Trailer

Starring: Tiffany AlvordTeala DunnPiper CurdaChristian DelgrossoAudrey WhitbyAlysia Reiner.
Directed By: Allison Eckert
Studio: Freestyle Digital Media
MPAA Rating Unrated