Song Without A Name

Song Without A Name Release Date: August 7, 2020

The movie Song Without A Name tells the story of Georgina, an indigenous Andean woman whose newborn baby is whisked away moments after its birth in a downtown Lima clinic – and never returned. Stonewalled by a byzantine and indifferent legal system, Georgina approaches journalist Pedro Campas, who uncovers a web of fake clinics and abductions – suggesting a rotting corruption deep within Peruvian society. Set in 1988, in a Peru wracked by political violence and turmoil, Song Without A Name depicts real-life, stranger-than fiction tragedies.

Due to the Wuhan Coronavirus, and all movie theaters in the world being shuttered, the film bypassed theaters and debuted exclusively online, via Virtual Cinemas. 

Song Without A Name

Song Without A Name Trailer

Starring: Pamela MendozaTommy PárragaLucio Rojas
Directed By: Melina León
Studio: Film Movement
MPAA Rating Unrated