The Redneg

The Redneg Release Date: March 2, 2021

The Redneg takes place in the near future, in a fallen world after a devastating world war between woman and man. Only one percent of the world’s population has survived the war and most of them are women. The few surviving men are being killed or captured by female groups, driven by the vision and the determination to build a new world, ruled only by women. Due to the decay of civilization, the survivors from around the world seek new beginnings in the woods up north in Scandinavia.

In this extraordinary movie we meet Noland. A former teacher who lost his wife and son in the war. Noland lives in the woods, and one day he meets a group of women, led by their ruthless leader “Tamara”. This is the beginning of a brutal chase and fight for survival. Before Noland’s wife Lisa passed away, he promised her to fulfill their dream of building a house by the sea. The question is: will Noland ever reach his goal?

The Redneg

The Redneg Trailer

Starring: Jake SakimaVivianne TreschowIsabelle PedoneAstrid JohnssonFelicia EnglundElisabeth KovacsEmelie DahlskogInna SyzonenkoHanna PalmKenneth SvenssonLinda FreijLille Peter JönssonPetra TomsdotterNebojsa Grbic
Directed By: Luc Ziann
Studio: Freestyle Digital Media
MPAA Rating Unrated