Movie Titles - DeJa Vu

Movie Titles That Couldn't Be More Similar

"12" and "12 Rounds"


There have been a lot of movie posters, recently, that have the copycat look, but, now, things have gone one step further.

There are a lot of movies opening during the next few months with titles so similar that you'd be hard pressed to tell the box office attendant at the movie theater which movie you actually wanted to buy a ticket to.

The month of March produces two movies with "12" in the title.

Well, the first, in movie theaters Friday is simply entitled "12."

But the movie "12 Rounds," featuring wrestler John Cena, is in movie theaters two weeks later, presumbaly at some venues still showing "12."


Imagine the confusion of the movie box office attendant with customers in line just uttering "Two for that movie 12," when they present their money at the box office. Did they mean the movie "12" or were they too lazy or incompetent to say the full name of the title "12 Rounds."

Those aren't the only movies with eerily similar titles this year.

"The Green Hornet" - "The Green Lantern" - "The Green Zone"


There are also the releases of "The Green Hornet" and "The Green Lantern." And "The Green Zone." Ridiculous.

"I Love You, Beth Cooper" - "I Love You Philiip Morris" - "I Love You, Man"

And later this year, we have THREE movies that everyone is going to be confused about.

I Love You Beth Cooper Poster

Honestly, when you go to the movies and all three of these are showing, at the same time, not only will you wonder which movie to buy a ticket for, but when you walk into the movie theater lobby and try to find the house in which your movie is playing, good luck.


You'll have to choose between a lot of "I Love You" movies; "I Love You, Man," "I Love You, Beth Cooper," and "I Love You Philip Morris." Oy!


"Julia" - "Julie & Julia"


Also this year, the movie "Julia," (not to be confused with the Merly Streep movie entitled "Julia" from the 1970s) AND ALSO DO NOT CONFUSE the 2009 movie "Julia" with the Meryl Streep/Amy Adams movie "Julie & Julia."

"Game" - "The Game" - "More Than A Game" - "The Perfect Game"

The Perfect Game

Or the movies "Game" and "The Game." "The Perfect Game" and "More Than A Game."

Imagine how important the word 'the' has come to be.

"2012" - "2012ish"

2012 Poster

Or, "2012" and that other movie "2012ish."


"Moon" - "New Moon"


As if that's not bad enough, this fall we have both the movie "Moon" and "New Moon," and "New Moon" is not the sequel to "Moon."


"Push" - "Push"


If you were wondering about the confusion that the movie "Push" would cause to any and all thinking they had already seen it when that other movie - "Push" - opens this summer, fret not.


The title of the other "Push," the one based on a novel by Sapphire, has - allegedly - been changed to "Precious."

"Tokyo" - "Tokyo Sonata"


If you think that's bad, there's also "Tokyo" and "Tokyo Sonata," both in theaters this month.


Also this spring, in movie theaters, both "The Soloist," and "Goodbye, Solo."


"The Soloist" stars Robert Downey Jr. and Jamie Foxx.

Goodbye Solo Poster