Summer 2015 Movie Box Office Predictions

July 10, 2015

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This page was originally published on May 20, 2015. None of the predictions have been altered.

While the summer movie box office season seems like it started the weekend that Furious 7 arrived in movie theaters – April 3, 2015 – it really didn’t start until this weekend – Memorial Day Weekend.

And with it comes the first box office bomb of the summer season – we refer to box office bombs as big budget, wide releases – Tomorrowland, starring the closeted, liberal big mouth George Clooney. As Cary Grant once said, ‘actors should be seen and not heard, when they are not on the big screen,’ or, actually, verbatim, ‘the smart actor stays out of politics because it allows the audiences to keep the fantasy of his characters.’ People, audiences, are sick and tired of George Clooney’s political activism and rantings, and for a liberal, he is a hypocrite, pretending to be straight, in public – arranging a marriage in Italy last year, attended by a gaggle of other liberal Hollywood hypocrites, all of whom know he is gay. Tomorrowland, including publicity and production, cost more than $200 million to produce. If it grosses $100 million in America, Disney will be lucky.

The BIGGEST big budget bomb at the box office this summer, we predict, (we’d bet our website on it), will be Pixels, starring has-been Adam Sandler, which is directed by Chris Columbus. Remember him, another has-been? Director of Home Alone?

While we love Meryl Streep, we don’t have a great feeling about her latest summer release, Ricki And The Flash. Yes, she can sing, but watch the trailer. The movie, even though it is directed by Oscar winner Jonathan Demme, looks as if it would be more painful to watch than actually than having to watch paint dry.

No matter how much Warner Bros. tries to shove the big screen version of the HBO show Entourage, (which, in itself was not as popular as they would have you think), the film is going to bomb.

Bradley Cooper is a great guy, and a fabulous actor but we have no hope for Aloha. The film is virtually being released in secrecy.

Dope, which was picked up by the great Tom Ortengerg, (who runs Open Road Films), at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, isn’t a bad movie, it’s just that 99.9% of people in America won’t give a rat’s ass about it. Sorry, Tom.

Seth MacFarlane, who is a genius with Family Guy, on TV, needs to stick to TV. His movies suck. Even the original Ted was hard to suffer through. This one is dreadful and will be lucky to last 2 weekends in first run release.

Magic Mike 2 will open big – probably $30 million – but will tank. The original featured Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey in a hilarious, seedy role. He is not in the sequel.

Both The Man From UNCLE (from Guy Ritchie) and Hitman: Agent 47, are bombs in the making, receiving release dates during the worst performing two weeks of the summer movie season, the next to the last and last weekend of the month of August, respectively.

As for surprises – hits – we think that the movie Max, (no, not Mad Max), a real life story about a dog, will become one of the biggest box office hits of the summer. Almost everyone loves dogs. And throw in a true sob story and you have box office gold.

Check out our Summer 2015 Movie Box Office Predictions below, list of big budget, wide-release,  tentpole movies released between Memorial Day and Labor Day – in order of what we predict will be their success.

Minions over $350 million U.S. gross
Jurassic World $310 million U.S. gross
Inside Out $230 million U.S. gross
Mission Impossible 5  $170 million U.S. gross
Terminator 5 $160 million U.S. gross
Ant Man $155 million U.S. gross
Spy $150 million U.S. gross
San Andreas $140 million U.S. gross
Fantastic Four $130 million U.S. gross
Vacation (2015) $120 million U.S. gross
Max $115 million U.S. gross
Tomorrowland $85 million U.S. gross
Ted 2 $80 million U.S. gross
Magic Mike 2 $75 million U.S. gross
Poltergeist (2015) $55 million U.S. gross
Trainwreck $55 million U.S. gross
Insidious 3 $50 million U.S. gross
Ricki And The Flash $45 million U.S. gross
Entourage $40 million U.S. gross
Southpaw $35 million U.S. gross
Sinister 2 $35 million U.S. gross
Pixels $30 million U.S. gross
The Man From UNCLE $30 million U.S. gross
Straight Outta Compton $30 million U.S. gross
The Gift $30 million U.S. gross

The movies listed above are the titles we think will become the most popular summer releases – Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend – films that earn more than $30 million during their theatrical run in America.

We’re betting that all of the titles below fizzle and end up out of theaters very fast and earn less than $20 million each.

Hitman Agent 47
Transporter Refueled
Kitchen Sink
Paper Towns
The Gallows
American Ultra
Jane Got A Gun
No Escape
We Are Your Friends
Shaun The Sheep Movie

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Summer 2015 Movie Box Office Predictions

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