October Gale

October Gale Release Date: March 6, 2015

In the movie October Gale Toronto doctor Helen Matthews (Patricia Clarkson), mourning the death of her husband (Callum Keith Rennie), retreats to the isolated island cabin where they’d spent some of their most cherished moments together.

Her reverie is cut short when a mysterious man, Will (Scott Speedman), washes ashore with a bullet in his shoulder. As he recuperates, the two develop a tentative connection, though Will refuses to explain what happened.

When a severe storm traps them on the island as Will’s would-be killer returns, their ability to trust each other then becomes a matter of survival.

Also co-starring Tim Roth. October Gale is a story about a couple warily exploring their growing bond under extreme circumstances.

October Gale Trailer

Starring: Patricia Clarkson,Scott Speedman,Tim Roth,Callum Keith Rennie,Aidan Devine,Billy MacLellan,Eric Murdoch
Genres: DramaRomanceThriller
Directed By: Ruba Nadda
Runtime: 91 minutes
Studio: IFC Films
MPAA Rating R