Lycan Release Date: August 4, 2017

In the movie Lycan, when six college kids in a sleepy Southern town are assigned a group project to rediscover a moment in history, one of them sets in motion a horrific fate when he proposes they head into the Georgia backwoods to tackle the legend of Emily Burt, the Talbot County werewolf. Lycan is a Hitchcockian tale of horror set in 1986 that delves into a hundred year old fable where our students are met with very real consequences that go beyond any classroom lessons.

Lycan still

Lycan still

Lycan Trailer

Starring: Vanessa Angel,Dania Ramirez,Gail O'Grady,Parker Croft,Kalia Prescott,Rebekah Graf,Alina Puscau,Jake Lockett,Craig Tate,Presley Melson
Genres: Horror
Directed By: Bev Land
Runtime: 87 minutes
Studio: Parade Deck Films
MPAA Rating Unrated

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  • Lycan still
  • Lycan still
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